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More dance notes written and collated by our Foreman, Peter Weston.

By the early 1980s, a revived Adderbury side had developed their tradition to the point where they were giving instructionals to other Morris Dancers on the new dances they had developed to augment the traditional repertoire. I did not attend an instructional, but Don Gott, the foreman of Escafeld Morris Men, with whom I was dancing at the time, brought back three dances which the side learnt and adopted as part of their repertoire.

Upon returning to Cardiff Morris in 1989 and taking up the post of foreman in 1990, I introduced the three handkerchief dances, which underwent subtle Cardiffean adjustment over the next two seasons, until they had reached their final form in the 1992 season. These three dances are all handkerchief and all follow the same basic pattern, although different in appearance. We added four more dances to allow for sticks as the seasons passed. They are:

The Bell: a corner dance.

Lollipop Man: a column dance.

Young Collins: a sidestep dance.

Seren y Bore: a pivot dance.

Black Joke: a stick dance.

Cuckoo's Nest: a stick dance.

Three Musketeers: a stick dance.

Constant Billy: a stick dance.

To these we have added a traditional dance which can be danced in the new style; the four/eight/twelve people Princess Royal.

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