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A sidestep up chorus in pairs.

Following each figure, the side forms a set facing up and 1 & 2 immediately go into a 'sidestep-right-sidestep-left' and four capers on the spot routine before casting down the set with two double steps. At the end of the set, they turn inwards to join the bottom of the set with four capers while the rest of the set dance four capers up the set, effectively moving up one place. At this point, a decision has to be made as to whether this is to be a long or short version of the dance. (Of course this will have been decided before the start of the dance :-).)

a.) Long Version: 3 & 4 go into the side step routine. The chorus continues until 1 & 2 find themselves capering to the head of the set at which point the next figure is entered.

b.) Short Version: The next figure is entered with the set having effectively moved up one place.

Two finishes, again dependant upon a choice of short or long dance.

a.) Long Version: The dance ends on a chorus four capers up, with suitable warning from the caller.

b.) Short Version: The last chorus is danced in unison (all three pairs), finishing with a short foot-up and four capers (instead of the cast down) for the second half of the chorus.

At the caller's discretion (see general description).

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