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The current repertoire had been honed over the years to take into account the maturity of the side. The more ankle-and-knee wrenching traditions of Bledington (much to Bob's chagrin...), Longborough and, to a lesser extent, Fieldtown (mainly due to the Foreman's propensity toward ligament damage in Fieldtown) had been cast aside in favour of more considered renderings of the following traditions:




Due to our relative isolation (in UK terms - US readers may find it difficult to comprehend "isolation" when Cardiff, in Wales, is no more than 40 miles from Bristol, in England!) our style has developed a quite distinct "Cardiff" character, as evidenced by any experienced dancer joining us from any other side. The comment "I've never seen it danced quite like that before!" is a common one, and draws resigned chuckles from our longer serving members. Within the style however, we do constantly strive for consistency and usually (with notable exceptions) achieve it.

Nantgarw, on the other hand, is our own, and however we dance it, it is correct... An 8-dancer tradition based on a recorded dance which is clearly of a "Morris" origin within the Welsh Folk Dances of Nantgarw, a village some four miles North of Cardiff. From the original dance, Y Gaseg Eira, which translates as The Snow Mare, a further three dances, one handkerchief (as is Caseg...) and two stick dances, have developed. And still our quest is not over...

Anyone wishing to use these notes for their sides repertoire is quite welcome. This is just a modern update on the ever-developing and fluid nature of the dance...:-) Of course all usual disclaimers apply...

If any side does try these dances, we'd love to see the results, get in touch!

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