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This is the only dance we have taken from the book and converted to nouveau style. It is most unusual in being designed to be danced by multiples of four dancers. The dance needs to be performed very tightly with 4 dancers. However, when 8 are available, the sheer spectacle offered by the sweep into the sidesteps renders such ambitions irrelevant. Perhaps we'll never know what it would have looked like with 12!

The dance is here described as a four-people dance.

The Figures and Choruses
  1. Rounds/Foot Up
  2. Half-Hands Chorus
  3. Heading Right
  4. RH Star Chorus
  5. Heading Left
  6. Half-Hands Chorus
  7. Heading Right-&-Left
  8. LH Star Chorus

Rounds/Foot Up:

Lining up in a fairly tight set of four, two capers preceed a normal full rounds, back step into place and a full Adderbury foot-up (ie. twice).

Other Figures:

As normal Adderbury Nouveau (see general description).

Half-Hands Chorus:

With the B music, you launch into a conventional half-hands, only at the half way point, with two capers back in place, you immediately sidestep right-and-left.

Having done this there is a brief flurry of Adderbury clapping as follows: clap in front/clap below right knee/clap in front /clap below left knee/clap in front.

The chorus then finishes with a short foot-up (ie. there and back once).

Star Chorus:

The other style of chorus begins with a right-hand-star. The four (having started with a tight set and this is why) go into a right-hand-star and dance through 180 degrees (2 double steps), ending up facing in. At this point, everyone dances four plain capers, with 1 & 3 crossing back to place on the first two capers and 2 & 4 on the last two.

There then follow the sidesteps, claps and foot up.

The dance ends on a chorus, with suitable warning from the caller.

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