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Although it is commonly thought that the practice of Morris Dancing is an utterly English thing, there exists in the Land Of My Fathers a branch of this terpsichorean art steeped in the traditions of The Morris for over 50 years - just how many times must there be repetition before it becomes "tradition"?... - we present: Cardiff Morris!


Cardiff Morris is open to dancers of any gender. Anyone interested in dancing the Morris in Cardiff is welcome to join us.



Join Us!
If you are interested in coming along to a practice to have a go at dancing The Morris, please check the contacts page, or contact recruit@cardiffmorris.org


We dance mainly an eight-dancer Welsh and six-dancer Cotswold repertoire. Although we do not dance out in England quite as much as we used to back in the halcyon days of the 70s and early 80s we would like to think that those sides who do know us remember us as a side who know how to have a good time as well as maintain a standard of dance of which to be proud.

Having danced in the Capital City of the Principality for long enough, we have become, by default and longevity, if nothing else, a respectable non-gender-specific representation of modern dance.... no, I can't go on, we're only in it for the beer!


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We are also available for bookings, please
get in touch with the Bagman and we'll see what we can do!

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