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The current Officers of Cardiff Morris:


Holder e-mail Telephone
Squire Peter Weston squire @ cardiffmorris.org +44 (0)29 2070 6723

(Prime contact for events and bookings)

Anne Silver bagman @ cardiffmorris.org +44 (0)78 0509 2862
Treasurer Paul Hodges treasurer @ cardiffmorris.org +44 (0)11 7923 2174
Foreman Peter Weston foreman @ cardiffmorris.org +44 (0)29 2070 6723
Web / Music Alun Roach music @ cardiffmorris.org +44 (0)29 2070 6623
Recruitment Liam Martin recruit @ cardiffmorris.org +44 (0)77 9253 4938



Practice - Place and Time


We practice on Tuesday evenings during the Winter months (September-April) in the back bar at:

The Owain Glyndwr, 10 St John's Street, Cardiff, CF10 1GL

Of course, there are the usual changes/cancellations due to unforseen circumstances, so please get in touch before turning up to find out whether practice is on that night, or put up with having to have a pint instead!


Tuesdays 8:00pm to 10.00pm.

Please contact any of the Officers listed above if you need further, or more detailed, information.



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