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It has to be said that Cardiff Morris is an eclectic mix of dancers, composed of individuals crossing the boundaries of both age and gender, with grizzled veterans sharing the piste with vibrant youngsters. This gives our presentation a fascinating blend of youthful vigour and ancient cunning...

Morwen Williams
Squire. Mad keen on all the dances in the Cardiff repertoire except the ones she hates. Especially keen on anything with lots of sticks in it. Bucks the family trend by generally doing exactly what she's asked to, at least in the dance. To hear her sing (canwres arbennig iawn hefyd), you'd never think she was a dancer.

Ben James

Mike Angove Mike
Treasurer. The only member of the side not likely to assume that 6 Highland Marys is some sort of penance. We all gaze in awed wonder at his dazzling efficiency and even old men are heard to murmur that CM's long search for the one true Administrator is surely over. The Capuccino Kid is famous for being able to turn on a sixpence (Ä0.04) and if he can ever work out how to do that without a Volvo XC60 strapped to his arse, we've cracked the Nantgarw heys.
Paul H
Paul Hodges
Foreman. A fine dancer and abstemious to the point of abjuration of all spiritous liquors below, say, 5% abv. A brave upstandin' sort of fellow when he's upright, who said he'd tried sober, but it made his chips taste funny. Utterly trustworthy, although he would queue up to deny it. It is rumoured that he invented the now universally accepted CM 'first in last out' principle for dealing with licensed premises.
Alun Roach
Known as "The Musician", has rarely allowed effete optimism to dilute his natural ebullience or cloud his eye for detail. Our best (and, some would argue, only) musician for many years, he has been known to have his own opinion. There are those of us who remember him in the first flush of youth in those far-off days of 1974 when we wore our hair long and our breeches flared, who would say he hasn't changed a bit.

Tom Holt
The revival spirit of 1970s morris lives on. A massive appetite for both the dance and the necessary lubricants fill us all with nostalgia. Tom has made the transition to A-list morris celebrity look easy.

Gareth O'Gorman
The acceptable face of morris dancing, Gareth seems to have been with us for ever. In fact, on the odd occasion when heís absent, itís all rather strange and unsettling. Fair enough, thatís just plain weird, but itís difficult now to imagine Cardiff Morris without GO'G.

Minnie Minshall-Martin
Some people are unnaturally natural dancers and youíd swear Minnie had been at it for years. Perhaps she has, but everything she said about letting her loose with sticks turned out to be true, so why not? Has shown a prodigious ability to recover from self-inflicted injuries, which will prove useful.

Phil Edwards

Ian Lewis

Hayley Jenkins

Jonathan Singleton

Philippa Skinner

Andy Fitzmaurice
Our favourite Hiberno-Norman Cornish import, Andy still has to pay his council tax despite an admittedly tenuous link to the royal house of Deheubarth. Noblesse oblige indeed. Unlike the Bourbon monarchs, he has learned much and only the foreman knows what he's forgotten. There's a suspicion that he uses GPS in dance figures. Showing a touching devotion to Irish cider and prawn crackers, Andy's usually calm exterior never allows us to see how furiously he's paddling beneath the surface. If at all.

Tamar Williams
This is what continuity in the age-old business of Morris Dancing looks like. Bridging the twin chasms of age and gender, we gladly hail the fact that the style and general athleticism of one of our most distinctive dancers will not be lost to future generations. Canwres arbennig iawn.

Lynda Edwards

Dave Silver
Can always be trusted with the cash. Not because there is any and not because if there was he would sit up all night talking to it, but because he is good at it and the rest of us aren't. A stalwart who is known to hate, loathe and detest one bloody dance, while being very keen to dance all the rest as soon as possible. Can always be depended upon to get close to the stumps in his delivery stride.

Anne Silver

Peter Weston
A living reproof to the orthodox view that it's impossible to be an understanding, sensitive bastard and Foreman. Has recently presided over the most radical alterations in the CM repertoire, on all sorts of pretexts; but chiefly, it is rumoured, because dwarfs can't leapfrog. Likes a drop of Batham's, but wholly incapable of recognising such a small quantity.

Bob Williams
Father of The Twins and dancer of Bledington; would drink Bledington were it potable and is firmly of the opinion that Bledington would make a better First Secretary than Mark Drakeford. A subscriber to the 'flash bastard' school of Morris interpretation; which, curiously enough, has never threatened his standing as one of our most accomplished dancers.
Brian Crow
Flushed out of hiding recently after decades as a fugitive from the Morris authorities and yet shows no signs of going to ground again. However, rumours linking Brian to clandestine experiments with gliders raise the possibility that he might do a runner at any time.

Country and Occasional Members...

Sally Davies

Lin Cram

Jonathan Baker

Will Bremner

Robert May

Julia Best

Rachael O'Gorman
Musician. Star of the string section, proving that itís possible to be a Cardiff Morris Musician without being a total tart. A much-appreciated steadying influence who will hopefully teach us all something.

Charlie Fletcher
Musician. Nothing to do with arrows and everything to do with bows, Charlie comes to us from deepest Hants and provides an excellent counterpoint (and we do mean in a nice way) to the rest of the Cardiff Morris string section (q.v.). Not the only member of the side to drink wine or support England at rugby, but definitely the only one to keep rats on a voluntary basis. A rare bird in having settled in West Cardiff (we don't get many of those) and her legal training is bound to come in useful for the side when the law, as it surely must, finally catches up with us.

Jess 'n' Sarah
They donít wear masks (well possibly surgical ones from time to time), but they do turn up out of the blue when theyíre least expected. ĎThe Doctorsí have saved many a flagging tour nowhere near either Abergavenny or The Scilly Isles and this is hopefully set to continue.

Richard Palmer Heathman
Definitely not to be compared with less sophisticated relatives and forebears, Richard has cultivated an enviable reputation as a dancer and drinker in his own right. His love of the dance shines through on most occasions.

Katie Palmer Heathman
Dancing Morris offers a whole range of earthly pleasures and Katie demonstrates an epicurean (well, epic anyway) appetite for them all except, curiously, beer. A highly valued and fluent dancer, even when full of cider (which is most of the time).

Dan Evans
Paul G
Paul Gallagher
".... I am able to hold my end out, without assistance like any other dancer after drinking copious amounts of beer, I eat as much curry as anyone else at the ale without being more ill than anyone else, I have been known to follow in Bob's footsteps and shoot off anywhere at any time during a dance and lastly my snoring and flatulence can be second to none, I know you will vouch for this. I have other endearing qualities which would take me too long to list now ...."

Thomas Rudman Fletcher
Undoubtedly the oldest (and longest) member. 'Best (or at least noisiest) of Breed' in the "Englishman" category at Sioe Amaethyddol Brenhinol y Sblot every year since the war. Without his ample and consistent presence since 1972, we should undoubtedly have been unable to obtain sufficient good ball from the lineout.

Phil Gibbins 
Has been around a year or two, the evil genius (or was that genial and devious?) behind the topiarist tendency which has so damaged our reputation in the higher echelons of the Urdd Gobaith Cymru this past year or twenty. Known and admired for his ability to address his sixteenth pint of Dark as if it were his fifteenth, which is largely attributable to his unorthodox open-faced stance.

Pete Weston

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