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The Pembrokeshire Weekend has passed into legend in the annals of the Cardiff Morris for many and varied reasons, not the least of which is the fact that it is our "holiday" Tour. The raison d'etre for the Tour is to spend a weekend in an area of Wales normally starved of our kind of entertainment with our families, spouses, partners, hangers-on, etc. and generally let our hair down.

The format of the Tour has become settled over the years, with highlights such as the curry lunch and early evening cheese and wine party (after a blitz of Haverfordwest Tesco's) eagerly anticipated. Sunday lunch at Druidstone also sticks in the memory...

Since the Denant Mill in Dreenhill has passed into private hands and is no longer a Pub, this denies us our traditional curry lunch, although I'm sure an afternoon by the sea at Little Haven is adequate compensation!


10:30am - Haverfordwest Castle Square (followed by The Bristol Trader)
01:00pm - Little Haven (The Castle, The St Brides)
08:30pm - Pelcomb Bridge (The Rising Sun)



12:00pm - Druidstone (The Druidstone Hotel)


...See? :-)

Cardiff Morris 2004