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A look back over the last 35 years or so from the picture collection of Alun Roach (click on image below):

Pictures from the early years (1970-1971) from the collection of Gwilym Davies (Thanks, Gwilym!).

Cardiff Morris Across The Years

Further pictures across the years:

Trivett's Barn, Michelston-le-Pit, 1976:
Back Row: Dave Thomas, Dave Stone, Pete Simms, Adrian Foss,
Alun Roach, Adrian Wilkins, Les Chittleburgh, Steve Piearcey
Front Row: Mike Lane, Phil Coombes, Ashley White, Geoff Palmer,
Dave Parsons
The Ham, Sidmouth 1976:
L to R: Pete Simms, Steve Piearcey, Pete Weston, Alun Roach,
John Stirling, Geoff Palmer, bits of Nigel Carter, Les Chittleburgh.
Ashley White in the dragon.
Y Gaseg Eira outside the Pontardawe Inn
at the first Pontardawe Folk Festival, 1978:

1st Row: Richard Daw, Mike Greenwood, Dave Thomas
2nd Row: Alun Roach, Adrian Norman, John Sidoli
Snowball pushers: Jeff Palmer, Steve Westwood
George Sawicki observes...
The original dragon,
attended by Adrian Wilkins in South African kit...
On the arena stage at Sidmouth International Folk Festival, 1976:
Headington Laudanum Bunches,
Alun Roach, Steve Piearcey, Pete Weston.
Other dancers (obscured) were Phil Coombes, Geoff Palmer
and Les Chittleburgh, together with Great Western MM
and others.
...We practiced in those days too...
Longsword on the 3rd site at Sidmouth 1976
Clockwise L-R: Ashley White, Pete Simms, John Stirling,
Geoff Palmer (obscured), Alun Roach, Pete Weston.
Barnstaple 1978:
Cardiff Morrismen in full Bledington flying mode -
Musician: Colin Buttwell
Odds: Alun Roach, Nigel Carter, Pete Smith
Evens: Geoff Palmer, Ian Legg, Steve Westwood
Pontardulais Carnival 1977:
Tom "Sideburns" Fletcher leads Pete Simms,
Mike Greenwood and John Sidoli.
John "Prof" Mills on melodeon.
Men of Sweyn's Ey in the background.
Chester City Morris Men Weekend 1980:
L to R: Phil Gibbins, Ian Legg, Nigel Hawarth
Harry Griffiths, Alun Roach, Steve Westwood.
Bob Smith and Gerry Pascoe observing behind Nigel.
...We didn't just dance, either!...
The Glee Club gives it up for "Jesus Saves!"
at Barnstaple, August 1980.

L to R: Nigel Carter, Dave Trueman, Ian Legg (!), Steve Westwood,
lead by 'Big' Bob Smith, Alun Roach, Phil Gibbins.
Touring Lot-et-Garonne, Summer 1992
Top L-R: Phil Gibbins (!), Nigel Davies, Tony Burke,
Pete Weston, Alun Roach
Bottom L-R: Dave Trueman, Huw Jenkins, Paul Hodges,
Eddie Connolly

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